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Sep 25, 2016
Finally received mine. After listening to them with my Pioneer XDP-100R for 9 hours today and gaming with them using an O2+ODAC. I can say that these are the most disappointing IEMs I have ever bought ever since I started this hobby, It feels like I bought a pair of generic IEMs at a local flea market.
The bass is rolled off to the point that it's non-existent and the treble sounds tinny like having a cheap pair of earbuds. They do sound clear but that's about it. There's definitely some driver flex when I stick them in my ear and causes me discomfort because it seals in my ear causing the driver inside the IEM to pop like squeezing a soda can.
I'd rather spend $35 worth of VE Monk+ than have these. It's so disappointing..
Sep 25, 2016
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