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Sep 27, 2016
Got mine a few hours ago.
Tldr- you get what you pay for.
What I like so far:
1) Connector seems very sturdy 2) Haven't tested microphonics yet, but the cable does seem durable 3) Sound is very clear, sharp
What I don't like: 1) Not getting a promised carrying case 2) Earbud construction is cheap. When trying to change tips, I accidentally and easily unscrewed one of the buds. Check out the attached picture. It was just as easy to screw back, but even when trying to get the vacuum-like seal in-ear, I can feel the earbud unscrewing at times. 3) The tips. I knew in advance that I preferred foam and wasn't getting any, so I can't really complain. 4) The diamond-grated grip on each bud. Again, we all knew in advance this was coming, but I for one assumed that this kind of design must have been vetted somehow. As it is, I feel it scratch inside my right ear every time I put the earphones on/off, and sometimes in between. I could see it being downright painful after not so long. I don't have any Sugru lying around right now, but something comfortable will need to be wrapped around those things.
These are the 5th pair of IEMs I've had (2 Shures, 1 Panasonic, 1 Xiaomi). It's very hard to judge bass in particular unless you can get a vacuum-like seal during use, which I haven't been able to get comfortably with the included tips. For now, it seems like the sound is, while very clear, low- to mid-range. A bit tinny, and not much bass. That said, they'll definitely sound better once I can find tips that give me a vacuum seal.
Overall, I am disappointed. For $40, the sound is fine but the earphones shouldn't be uncomfortable. Not getting what you paid for is particularly aggravating.
I use earplugs all the time, so this earplug-to-tip hack is something I'm going to try:
Sep 27, 2016
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