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Dec 9, 2016
Saw comments from others it seems there is really serious QA issue, however I just received mine yesterday and it's fine.
Plays it with FiiO X3 II, the sound is nice and balanced when played with Low Gain, after switched to High Gain, its great, bass Lover please look somewhere else, but as numerous reviews already told, its not without bass, its tight and accurate. The main strength of it is detailed image , can hear each instrument clearly though is a bit more to warm side, but the soundstage is not good enough for me. The default ear tips is a bit too big for me, swapped to the smaller one is very comfortable.
Compared to Klipsch R6 which is 3 times the price of this RE-00, Klipsch has crispier and more energetic highs, and better soundstage, but R6 is too bassy sometimes, listen to Adele River Lea I would feel dizzy caused by the bass, and the mids a bit too prominent sometimes, listen to Adele songs at exciting volume would hurt my ears after 1 hour listening, RE-00 does not have problem, I appreciate what Balanced sound is now, great value for whats paid.
------------------------------------------------- Tried to change to spin fit eartips, awesome! it's more toward little bit of v-shape sound now, slightly enhanced treble and bass, very interesting!
Dec 9, 2016
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