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Feb 2, 2018
Got my speakers. They sound great! Signal path as follows: UAD Twin mkii - TRS balanced out - JBL +4 XLR. Set at 10, with the low end shelf on... The GOOD: Excellent FLAT response. Bass is OKAY. Much better overall than my old KRK v4.
The kinda BAD: There is a very very quiet hiss when turned on. Like a nice tape hiss though so it doesnt really bother me. You have to be REAL close to the tweeters to hear this. Bass could have been better if JBL put the port in front I imagine.
I WILL be saving up for the matching subwoofer as this would make the system OUTSTANDING! Especially considering the price point. But, if these cheap D class amps break down I hope they do so within the warranty period!
Feb 2, 2018
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