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Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

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Product Description
A revival of the standard-setting ESP/950 released by Koss in 1990, these headphones bring electrostatic quality into a whole new price bracket. Initially designed for live recording, the ESP/950 came with a large carrying case and a battery pack to power the required energizer: a special amplifier for electrostatic drivers Read More
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Jan 28, 2021
When are you going to restock the 120V model?
Mar 4, 2021
I've been wondering the same.
How does an electrostatic system differ from other types of headphones?
Feb 1, 2021
Do you need to keep these covered to protect from dust?
Mar 16, 2021
They have two foam covers over either side of the stators and driver membrane. So they aren't as defenseless to dust as Stax or other Electrostats.
Mar 29, 2021
Starfall119I'm pretty sure most Stax use some kind of PVC filter across the drivers. Or that's what I'm told. It's the ESP/950s which are apparently infamous for getting dust inside them. Thus, why it's so common for people to advocate using Koss' lifetime warranty.
Apr 11, 2021
ihtrqA redditor once did a teardown, and there actually is a crumpled mylar film it seems. That said, people like the dude who makes Nectar estats says in his experience operation without dust protection is fine... and foam suffices as sufficient protection when not in use or in use too (see the FAQ for Nectar). My personal hypothesis is that Koss's issue is not external dust, but dust from production trapped with the driver and messing with it. My first unit was faulty out of box and for two weeks no tapping, blowing, etc would resolve the persistent squealing in only the left side. My replacement is perfectly fine. Squealed a bit on start up, but a tap solved everything since then. Have left it uncovered for about two months without any issue, though I still do cover it now just in case I am wrong. The internal dust issue is still worrisome, but I don't think external dust is much of a worry really.
Feb 14, 2021
Any idea on 120 volt restock
Feb 25, 2021
KOSS said they might bring it back. That's good because I hate the velour and actually think the pleather is MUCH, MUCH, nicer. I hope they improve it somewhere because that would really be an incentive to buy it. I want the WHOLE kit again. Damn, it was complete for anything.
Mar 30, 2023
Koss 95x to Stax adpapter would allow users to explore more amps. Any chance Drop could commison?
I’m not sure the Drop edition ESP/95X is still in production. I wouldn’t currently hold my breath. But who knows what the future may hold? 🤷‍♂️