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Oct 3, 2020
Poor Design and Quality Control
This setup suffers from poor design and poor quality control. Customer Service is good though. Design: > The headphones feel cheap. The light weight is nice on your head but I have a feeling this also lends to an indisputable flimsiness. > The way the headphones are put together means they easily fall apart. The two earpieces hook onto the band, the hooks frequently come undone. > The length of the cable is amazing in its ability to be wrong no matter what. Use only the original cable and you'll find yourself tugging on the connector by accident even sitting right at your desk. Use the extension cable and you'll have a mile of cable snaking around the floor and getting caught on everything. Quality Control > This set is infamous for poor quality control. I've had two pairs. The first set, within months I started getting hissing and humming in one ear. Ok, no problem, just a lemon. I return it and get a replacement. Within weeks the replacement started hissing and humming in one ear. I've given up replacing this. The sole plus I can see it's the customer service. They didn't fight me on replacing the first set, asked me to return the first set then shipped me a replacement.
Would not recommend to a friend.
Oct 14, 2020
tbirdivI've been wanting these since they became available on Drop, because people say they do sound nice and very different than planars and dynamics, but I've been avoiding them like the plague. I keep reading the same thing over and over and over again! It seems Koss hasn't revised anything about them and keep selling the same defect-prone design! Bummer, because from testimonials, their customer service and warranty service is impressive!
Dec 19, 2020
tbirdivHow do you keep them from dust? and or is the noise because of that?
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