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Feb 17, 2019
Got mine today and fired a few tracks. I can't really think of a one-liner to describe them, other than weird? ^^' I had a few good headphones and earphones through my career: HE-400i, HD650, SE535, SE846. The Koss by far feel built the cheapest, yet sound natural and understated (if you can say that about sound). It's definitely a different experience: Very detailed, spacious, generous ambience, doesn't feel a lot like headphones (weight-wise). I can also tell why they are considered "entry level" electrostatics, with a lingering sense of something missing. Maybe it's the treble that needs to be relaxed a bit, the lack of warmth or something that feels overwhelming when listening through these for a while (the treble, duh). Either way, cold consideration, for $500 you get your money's worth, although I personally think the HD650 and SE535 are still the best for overall listening experience (in the sane price bracket). Oh, and regarding that "smooth electrostats sound", that's bullshit, sorry. They go pretty much as the HE-400i in the "smooth" department.
Feb 17, 2019
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