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Apr 7, 2019
I received these today. I'd read reviews so I knew what to expect about the build. Still, when I opened the box I was surprised how light and plastic these things felt. Next to my woo audio wa6 the amp felt like a toy. The headphones also seemed like a toy next to my other headphones. But then I gave them a listen and the sound was sublime. If you get these, first listen to them in a quiet place, and don't A/B them with a bass heavy headphone. These headphones are great for softer, detailed acoustical music. Nils lofgren, keith don't go, live acoustic, was detailed and tonally correct. It sounded like the most live version I have heard. The lifetime warranty gives me assurance about the build. I would highly recommend these. At this price, for an electrostatic amp and headphone with a warranty you can't beat it.
Apr 7, 2019
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