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Apr 13, 2019
Love the purchase, no regrets. I am picky about quality of my headphones and the ESP/95X is not as bad as I have imagined. For the price, one cannot and should not complain. May not be as bass heavy as some other headphones but that does not mean the bass is missing. The bass is definitely present and while it is not as sub-by as some closed-backs, it is more than sufficient. It is an honest pair of headphones that reveals the truth about your input source...garbage in, garbage out...treat it with respect, it will sing for you. I am impressed. Sound leak is more prominent than other open not use this next to your spouse or if you are crazy enough to carry this with you everywhere you go, please do not use this unless it is the great outdoors. Only two dislikes - Major dislike - While the individual volume knobs are useful for balancing the designed and placement were major pains. Turning them evenly at the same time will be a next level skill. Also with the headphone cables to the right of the knobs, turning them could be difficult if the box is to your left Minor dislike - I wish the adjustable headband has clicks that gently locks it in place. Would I buy a second set? YES! But that’s me :) Updated Dec 2019 - yes I took the plunge and bought a second set!
Apr 13, 2019
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