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Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set
Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set
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Product Description
Based on the profile from the iconic IBM beamspring terminals of the 1970s, this custom set is fully sculpted from dye-sublimated PBT in Hi-Profile. What's Hi-Profile, you ask? Read More
From the IBM Terminal to the Desktop

Based on the profile from the iconic IBM beamspring terminals of the 1970s, this custom set is fully sculpted from dye-sublimated PBT in Hi-Profile. What's Hi-Profile, you ask? Many computer terminals of old were constructed with a slanted switch layout from front to back. Because of that slant, the keycaps sat at an angle atop the switches, too. This set is a reimagination of that unique slanted build, but optimized for modern keyboards. Thanks to some significant design work from Matt3o, 3D modeling, and a whole lot of elbow grease, we're proud to bring these innovative caps back for a second run.

Questions about how to outfit your keyboard? Check out this great post by Livingspeedbump.

Questions for the designer Matt3o? Join us in discussion or read the story of MT3 profile and /dev/tty.

Want to know what MT3 profile will look like? Check out these photos of 3D printed prototypes.

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Dye-Sublimated PBT Construction

Made from PBT plastic—long considered the superior keycap material—this MX-compatible set is both long lasting and resistant to the shine that occurs after long hours of typing. The legends are dye-sublimated so they won’t fade over the long haul. As for the layout, the set comes with two separate bottom row profiles for those who want a flat bottom row or prefer an angled one. The colorway is a combination of neutral grays and colorful accents for a subtle look on your favorite board.

Base Kit - $49.99
Beige Mods - $45.99 / Triumph Mods - $45.99
Elven Kit - $89.99
RGB Kit - $34.99 / CMY Kit - $34.99
Beige Numpad - $24.99 / Triumph Numpad - $24.99
Extra Beige Mods - $29.99 / Extra Triumph Mods - $29.99
Beige Winkeyless - $19.99 / Triumph Winkeyless - $19.99
Colemak & Dvorak - $24.99
Beige Apple Kit - $12.99 / Triumph Apple Kit - $12.99
Beige Vendors Kit - $14.99 / Triumph Vendors Kit - $14.99
Beige Novelties - $29.99 / Triumph Novelties - $29.99
Ergodox - $29.99
Ortho Kit - $19.99
UK Kit - $5.99
International Kit - $29.99
Spacebars - $5.99
Small Blanks - $16.99 / Big Blanks - $22.99
About Matt3o

If you’ve paid attention to mechanical keyboards in recent years, you’ll know Matt3o. The designer of the WhiteFox keyboard, Granite DSA keycaps, and Retro SA keycaps (to name a few), he’s become fairly recognizable among the mech keys community. With this set, he saw an opportunity to explore the possibilities of Hi-Profile. It's not only an act of encouragement to other designers, but also an expression of Matt3o’s vision to “do Hi-Profile right.”

  • Designed by Matt3o
  • PBT Hi-Profile Keycaps
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • MX Compatible
  • Fully sculpted based on IBM beamspring keycaps
  • Made in China

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