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Jan 12, 2018
Setup: smartphone > xduoo xd-05 > mee audio pinnacle px. Playing DSD64 & 128. Bass boost & gain turned off. Using provided foam tips (largest)
Looks: Paint on casings quickly chips off. Just wishin’ for all of it to come off to reveal the silver shells under. too lazy to remove the paint. braided cable-LIKE. but length is weird, a wee too long from pocket to ears, but only half as long as desktop headphones.
All in all, look’s awesome-than most buds!
Sound: Clarity - sounds clear but w/ noticeable pink noise, specially in quiet songs & bet. songs! Soundstage - I don’t see it! (comparing to senn hd558) Separation - i think it’s good (I’m not sure). I can hear one instrument play on R and a different instrument on the L. Bass - it’s there for sure even w/ bass boost & gain turned off. I think it’s mostly thanks to the xduoo. Bass was a joke when I plugged it into a sony pha-2. Mids - Forward*. Clear but a little grainy (taking into account the price). Extension is ayt, nothing to brag about. Treble - it’s….good. I mean it’s better than the bass but it won’t tickle your “audiophile” ears:) I think...the unbalanced tone is affecting the presentation coz there’s a lot of detail but I’m not being transported to that higher place.
Music: Norah Jones-Come away w/ me, the drum at the very beginning of the song was clear and did not sound congested, voice was smoky as usual:) Eltin John - Your Song - I heard a lot of detail, vocal & piano sounded forward. Marvin Gaye - Ain’t no mountain high - great detail but grainy & mids were “shouty” w/c makes the tone unbalanced. Todd Turkisher - Drum Solo (* DSD128) - Bass is good! Sounded clearer, no pink noise like 3 DSD64s above, less grainy. Amber Rubarth - Storms Are on the Ocean - sounds sweet, yup DSD128 is cleaner!
Nitpicking: Noticeable pink noise (depends on the recording). A wee grainy. Unbalanced tone.
Compared to other earbuds I’ve tried, w/c are: bowers & wilkins C5 S2 (bought new, paid $80, got too much bass in return), VE monks plus (price king), philips tx2 (fav sound signature in this lot), focal sphear (not my kind of “highs”), audio technica sonic fuel ath-ckx9iS (meh), mee pinn px is best sounding w/ out a doubt.
Final thoughts: not bad, pretty good, need to consider at the price!
Jan 12, 2018
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