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May 2, 2018
Having these for the better part of a year, now, I continue to be very pleased with them. They could probably benefit from a dedicated headphone-amp, but out of my phone, which is how I use them most, they still sound excellent. They did have about a 30 hour burn-in, over which the sound slowly improved to the point where they've stabilized. The durability has been no issue - the included case helps with that. The multitude of eartips are also much appreciated, and I'm not even halfway through them. My personal preference is for the Comply foam tips. They isolate so much better than pretty much anything else.
As to sound qualities I appreciate there are many - I listen about 60% to classical (large orchestra, late romantic) music, 25% jazz (mainly small combos, some big bands, some vocalists), and 15% pop/rock/alternative (Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, etc.). The main characteristic I like about them is the detail across the range. With good sources (CD quality and better) you can hear everything you'd want (and more, like breaths, page turns, audience noises, etc.) at every range, without cranking the volume to high levels. They are also what I would call musical in how they relate the intangible qualities of instrumental performances (in every genre) faithfully. There are, of course, better IEMs available, but I don't want to spend anywhere near that kind of money when these are more than satisfying. If they ever break, I'll be back for more!
May 2, 2018
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