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Aug 2, 2018
Similar experience to several other users: Good sound for price, but wish they were built better. -Fairly heavy and, as everyone says, can be hard to drive. -Coating started to wear after about 3 months. -The tube that the eartip fits on started pulling out after about 5 months - if/when this happens to you, a small amount of superglue fixes the problem. -The 1/8" jack started going after about 6 months.
Please note I use these a lot, and don't treat them especially carefully. That said, I've never had this many issues with a pair of earphones in this price range. Normally they will last until I wear out the wire. (Which is why I thought the replaceable wire was so cool.) Admittedly, replacing the wire removes most of the problems I've had, but after only 6 months? Not sure these are worth it.
Aug 2, 2018
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