Massdrop x MiTo XDA Godspeed Custom Keycap Set
Massdrop x MiTo XDA Godspeed Custom Keycap Set
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Product Description
After our first successful voyage into the great beyond, we’re preparing the spacecraft for another mission. From MiTo (the creator of Canvas, PuLSE, and Overcast), the Godspeed Custom Keycap set features NASA’s iconic colorway from the original Apollo 11 lunar module cockpit—the first spaceflight in which man set foot on the moon Read More
Same Godspeed, Now Stronger & More Modular

After our first successful voyage into the great beyond, we’re preparing the spacecraft for another mission. From MiTo (the creator of Canvas, PuLSE, and Overcast), the Godspeed Custom Keycap set features NASA’s iconic colorway from the original Apollo 11 lunar module cockpit—the first spaceflight in which man set foot on the moon. This time, however, the keycaps are done in uniform XDA profile so you can mix and match them with ease. We’ve made the ship stronger for our second trip, too: Instead of ABS, the keycaps are now crafted from durable shine-resistant PBT plastic to withstand the perils of outer space . . . and your desktop. Grab the Ares version for a Mars-inspired twist.

One small step for man. One giant leap for mech keys. Godspeed.

Questions about how to outfit your keyboard? Check out this great post by Livingspeedbump.

Questions for the designer MiTo about the process? Join us in discussion.

Mars Colony
Moon Landing

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The Alphas are essential to every MX mechanical keyboard and available in three different colors: warm beige, soft blue, and cool white. Number monolegends are included for a minimal look.

Solar Alphas - $45.99
Lunar Alphas - $47.99 / Supernova Alphas - $47.99
Base Mods

For the Apollo colorway, there’s both a regular legends kit and a novelty/iconography set to choose from. As for the Ares kits, novelty and iconography are also available. All Base Modifiers include extra 2u SHIFT, extra 2.25u SHIFT and a center stem CAPS LOCK in order to cover standard 60% layouts or tenkeyless keyboards including the XD60 and the Leopold Cherry MX models.

Cadet Base - $29.99
Apollo Base Text - $26.99 / Ares Base Text - $28.99
Apollo Base Icons - $28.99 / Ares Base Icons - $28.99
Tsangan Mods

Covering both the standard/novelty versions of the Apollo colorway and the Ares novelty/iconography, these kits provide the necessary add-ons to cover the Vortex Core, non-standard 60%, tenkeyless, 96% and 100% keyboards. There are appropriate non-standard add-ons to complement different bottom rows and off-center CAPS LOCK mounts. The corresponding Base Modifiers kit and prefered Alphas must be included as well for complete coverage of a non-standard keyboard.

Cadet Tsangan - $27.99
Apollo Tsangan Text - $27.99 / Ares Tsangan Text - $27.99
Apollo Tsangan Icons - $27.99 / Ares Tsangan Icons - $27.99
40s Modifiers

Since the Godspeed XDA interest check went live, this kit has been improved. In order to cover the majority of 40% keyboards (such as JD40, JD45, Minorca, MiniVan, Sebright, Quark, Mobik, MechMini, MechMini 2, and various others), get this kit and your preferred set of Alphas. The Cadet Base kit can virtually cover any 40% keyboard. For those who don’t mind novelty legends or prefer iconography references, the appropriate kits are available on both the Apollo and Ares colorways.

Cadet 40s - $25.99
Apollo 40s Text - $25.99 / Ares 40s Text - $25.99
Apollo 40s Icons - $25.99 / Ares 40s Icons - $25.99
Ortho Modifiers

The Ortho Modifiers standalone kits will properly cover non-staggered keyboards such as the Planck and Preonic. The appropriate kits are available on both Apollo and Ares colorways, featuring regular legends, novelty legends, and the iconography convention. Like the 40s Modifiers and Ergo Modifiers, the Ortho Modifiers kits are standalone kits, which means they only require Alphas to completely cover a keyboard. No Base Modifiers are required. The 1u spacebars for the GRID layout are convex.

Cadet Ortho - $25.99
Apollo Ortho Text - $25.99 / Ares Ortho Text - $25.99
Apollo Ortho Icons - $25.99 / Ares Ortho Icons - $25.99
Ergo Modifiers

The Ergo Modifiers standalone kits will cover the ErgoDox and similar standard split keyboards. For non-standard split keyboards, you’ll need the appopriate Space Bars kit, too. Available on both colorways—together with boring, novelty and icon legends—the Ergo Modifiers kit only requires the desired Alphas to properly cover an ErgoDox. The 2u keycaps are all convex.

Cadet Ergo - $26.99
Apollo Text Ergo - $26.99 / Ares Text Ergo - $26.99
Apollo Icons Ergo - $26.99 / Ares Icons Ergo - $26.99

These add-ons are for fullsize keyboards such as Filco, Razer, Cooler Master, and Corsair, as well as standalone number pads. Along with the Alphas kit, they will cover a numpad.

Apollo Calculus - $15.99 / Ares Calculus - $15.99

These are appropriately colored ISO keycaps to complete the UK and Norde layouts.

ISO Kit - $7.99
International Kits

The Solar Alphas, Lunar Alphas, and Supernova Alphas provide proper coverage for the United Kingdom, Nordic, German, and some European mechanical keyboard layouts.

Norde Kit
Norde Solar Kit - $24.99
Norde Lunar Kit - $24.99
Norde Supernova Kit - $24.99
UK Kit
UK Solar Kit - $9.99
UK Lunar Kit - $9.99
UK Supernova Kit - $9.99
Mono - $29.99

This minimal add-on kit features punctuation symbols for a monolegend look. It’s available as a single kit covering the three Alphas variations.

Probe Dishes - $18.99

These are deep dish homing/reference keycaps for both Dvorak/Colemak layouts. F and J are already included in all three Alphas kits.

Enceladus - $9.99

These are appropriately colored F5-F8 keycaps to match both modifiers colorways for an alternate look.

Symm Kit - $9.99

These are appropriately colored accents matching both modifiers colorways for symmetry.

GodX - $22.99

Ge the original Godspeed SA novelties look with this set, which features buttons like Panic, ROLL, PITCH, YAW, ABORT, MAL, and GODSPEED.

MiTonauts - $5.99

This kit features hand-designed astronaut novelty logos applied on color-coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Apollo 11 crew.

Milky Way

Also designed by hand, these planetary, celestial bodies and space paraphernalia novelty logos are applied on color-coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Solar System and NASA research. The set includes 13 keycaps, which is enough to completely cover the Esc + Function Row on 75%, tenkeyless, 96% and 100% keyboards, or enough to replace the entire Number Row on 60% keyboards. This kit can also be used as a whole set of modifiers on some mini keyboards like the Planck. The designs cover the nine planets that orbit the solar system, plus the sun, the moon, Halley’s Comet, and the Voyager I probe.

Solar Milky Way - $9.99 / Apollo Milky Way - $9.99
Ares Milky Way - $9.99 / Supernova Milky Way - $9.99
Apollo Arrows - $9.99 / Ares Arrows - $9.99
Blanks - $14.99

This set has color-coordinated 1u, 1.25u, 1.5u, 2u (convex), 1.75u, and 2.25u blanks to complete unorthodox layouts.


Depending on your keyboard layout, you may need extra spacebars—and it’s good to keep an extra on hand sometimes. This kit has what you need to match the colorways offered.

Keylluminati - $5.99
  • Designed by MiTo
  • Material: PBT
  • XDA profile
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • MX compatible
  • Made in China

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