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May 25, 2017
Hey Everyone! Here's a new in-ear monitor (IEM) from us that I'm really excited about. Something the audiophile community has requested for a long time: an inexpensive, removable cable IEM. While that might not sound exciting at first, it's the combination of features plus execution with attention to detail that is hard to find at a low price point. Most companies don’t set out with the clear intention of making the very best entry-level product. They start out with a high-end product and then whittle down features until they feel comfortable selling it for less. The result isn’t a holistically considered product but just a “low-end thing”.
There are a few community-favorite, great-sounding IEMs out there for under $100. The problem has been that if the cable breaks on your $40 "giant-killer" and you need to buy a new it's an $80 IEM with the same risks. But, changing an existing favorite to have removable cables takes: new tooling/molds, reliable connectors, and can also change the sound (many IEMs have small housings and need to be made larger to accept removable connectors). After trying to improve some of the favorite low-cost IEMs, we opened up the search for a partner who understood what we were trying to do and could create a new product for us from the ground up. There are a couple more requirements the community gave us for this project from all of your requests and feedback online: -A lot of people like the option of a microphone cable, but some audiophiles swear the electronic circuit in the cable changes the sound. Needs to have a microphone cable AND a braided cable. -Even some community-favorite, low priced IEMs can vary a lot between units. If you have to buy more than one unit to get the sound you want, the price increases. So the units have to be consistent to provide value. A requirement for the NuForce EDC is to be within +/-2 dB of left/right channel matching and from the frequency response target. This is being carefully worked on to scale with production. NuForce is already known for having very comfortable IEMs. We were really happy that they were willing to work with Massdrop and the audiophile community to provide the above and tune an all-around fun, musical sound signature with clarity and bass that works for travel, gym, or quiet listening environments.
Just for fun. My first portable rig amplifier back in 2010 was...a NuForce!
May 25, 2017
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