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Oct 9, 2017
You know...., when it comes to audiophile reviews and discerning sounds from one system and components versus another, I'm not hi-tech. Hell, the last time I bought anything really big, it was physically really BIG. In 1976, I bought a Pioneer SX-850 receiver, a Garrard Direct Drive turntable, and a pair of Pioneer HP-100 speakers. Each of those speakers is the size of a dining room chair!!..., seriously LOL. And, at that time, the only thing we were concerned with was THD... 'Total Harmonic Distortion'. Even that really didn't matter. What mattered was how GREAT "In-A-Gadda Da Vida" and "FreeBird" sounded!! By the way, I still have that sound system LOLOLOL. Since those days, when it came time to get other systems, I relied on what 'sounds' great to me and how it would fit in with my budget. It really does come down to what sounds great though. So, I got my EDC's this past Saturday. I did not have time to even unpack them until today. "Nice packaging"... there, that's my review. But wait, I took the EDC's out of the box, and stuck them in my ears. Took a while to figure out just exactly how to stick them in my ears. After a few tries and moments, I got them in. Stuck the plug into my iPhone, picked up on my Spotify app, and sat back...., and listened. Played with the equalizer, picked up on some of my favorite playlists, and listened some more. Lumineers, Adam Torres, Kaleo, George Ezra, Maggie Rogers... Yeah, they all sounded good. These EDS's are really great!!, I thought. Coming from the 'plugs' that came with my iPhone, there was no comparing! But wait, the acid test is yet to come... YES, THEE ACID TEST.... "In-A-Gadda Da Vida".... YEAH BABY..., OH YEAH... LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!!!! Excuse me, but the drum solo is starting... I gotta go now. But, not before I say that these EDC's frickin' ROCK!!!
Oct 9, 2017
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