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Oct 26, 2017
For anyone wondering if these are worth it, in my opinion, these are excellent entry level IEM's. I say this because I've been trying to find a decent sub-$100 pair of IEM's for a long time. Every time I buy one they are either uncomfortable, the sound quality is meh, they slip out easily, or all of the above. I was on the fence because of how they are intended to wrap around your ear, but I found this to be actually beneficial, and even more comfortable than just having them hang down. Lastly, I like the braided cable as it seems to keep the cord from tangling, or even making it easier to untangle. I've only had these for a little under a month, but I use them every day for commuting + work + working out, so I've probably almost gotten to 100 hours of use with no problems.
Oct 26, 2017
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