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Apr 27, 2018
I have mixed feelings about these IEMs. I think their comfort is pretty solid where I can lie comfortably on my side while watching netflix or something, but their build is ... pretty bad. I‘m very careful when it comes to handling my audio equipments where if they’re not being used, I store them inside the carrying case, but the casing shell broke in half on the right side after a month or two of usage. If they’re advertised as “every day carry” they should fix this issue. I ended up resoldering the wires and added superglue around the casing so it doesn’t happen again.
My next issue is the sound. I like how spacious the soundstage is for an iem but I HATE the mids and treble on this. Vocals sound colored but not in a good way and “peaky” and “shrill” depending on the genre I listen to. Sibilance is also an issue in certain tracks, but when I switched to the foam tips (not the stock ones but the ones from shure iems) it seemed to get rid of the annoying peaks.
Tl;dr comfort: great build: terrible (even for a $60 IEM) sound: Meh
I would rather spend the extra $40 to get the edc3 since it seems to have better tonal balance w/ 3 BA drivers.
Apr 27, 2018
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