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Aug 2, 2018
Here's my thoughts from 4-3 months usage --------------------------------------- Sound (used Spotify premium and a few local flac files):
Sound is obviously very subjective. But so far i enjoy using them. They're differently more bassy/fun than my pair of MEE Audio M6 Gen1, which was way too flat and boring for my liking. My older pair of Shure 215 differently sounded better when it came to balancing the sound, but they also cost 2x compared to the EDC's.
I'm normally not happy about bass. But with the EDC's it's not as bad as i thought it would be. Compared to my Razer Kraken Headset they're not too overpowering with high's/mids. With some EQ settings the sound is differently something i enjoy and can listen to for hours.
Only issue I've had with the sound is some hissing noise with Youtube videos. They seem very sensitive to "bad" microphones. It gets very noticeable with low volume. This only applies to Youtube videos though.
--------------------------------------- Build Quality/Design: Both good and bad things here. While the in ears housing is very solid so far. The connection on the right in ear disconnects sometimes with normal usage about once a week). Somehow it gets loose enough to simple pop off. I'm still using the non media control cable.
So can't say if it's the same as the media control cable.Thankfully the housing/cable is super solid. Beyond what i expected.Even with using them every night as i use them to sleep, listing to podcasts (revolutions <3) No issues with the housing/cable has happened. Even though i often wake up with the in-ears lying underneath me. So pressure hasn't effected them yet. For my Shure it took 1 year to ruined the cable. So if the EDC's 1st cable hold as long, i will be very happy.I use them for walks too.
No issues with sweat yet (30+ Celsius here :P)
The design is pretty neat too. Not too boring,, but also not cringe rgb gamer aesthetic. --------------------------------------- Comfort: Honestly not much to say here. It took some time to get used to. In the first month lying on my side, on a pillow, they would hurt my ear. But after some time, using them, this is completely gone. The foam ear tips ain't as comfortable as the comply ear tips. But will they isolate well, same goes for the silicon ear tips. --------------------------------------- Price/Accessories: I wanna stress something here. For $60 bucks they 100% worth it.If you compare them to other in-ears i could have gotten at that time in Denmark: Sony MDR-EX650AP, Marshall Mode EQ, SoundMagic E10c. All which doesn't give you any foam ear tips, and a very small amount of silicon ear tips.
None had removable cable and their cables are also thin. The EDC's would be worth the price alone but because they bundle them with a lot of neat stuff it just makes them more worth it. --------------------------------------- Conclusion: Overall solid pair of in-ears. Differently need some adjusting. I'm a bit worried about the lost connection issue on the right connector. My biggest complaint is the hissing on youtube videos. Not sure if it's isolated to my unit, but differently annoy's me a bit.
But for the $60 bucks i don't see how wouldn't give these a try. It's simply a bargain for what you get. Solid sound with fun sound and a ton of accessories. Makes these a solid upgrade to my m6 pro's and close'ish to my older pair of Shure 215. Can 100% recommend these.
Aug 2, 2018
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