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Dec 5, 2018
Now in my review, I had noted how one of my medium sized eartips split into two pieces. Customer support was kind enough to extend the option to have a replacement sent. However, in the same week, one of the small eartips I used broke from the exact same issue. The part of the eartip connecting to the IEM separated from the round part that makes contact with the ear. Since this happened with one of the medium AND one of the small sized eartips, I figured a replacement would just be pointless because it would break again, even despite me being very careful with the amount of pressure I apply. That said, does anybody have recommendation for silicone eartips that are compatible with the EDC's? Contrary to what people seem to say, I found that the foam tips are extremely uncomfortable, reduces the sound quality quite a bit compared to silicone (much less clarity, VERY noticeable less bass and highs), and the pressure it puts on my ear actually even gave me an ear infection according to my local health centre.
Dec 5, 2018
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