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Mar 12, 2018
So, should I get these for $99.99, or the UE900s IEM for about $175? Thoughts? Kinda new to this IEM thing, any thoughts appreciated..... Thanks!
Mar 12, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
i was asking myself the same question and since the UE tend to fall apart after a few months 100 bucks sound quite reasonable to invest instead of the 180 $... I had the SE 535 before but lost them while travelling therefore i wanna give the NUforce a shot. I guess it won't be quite competitive in regards to sound but it will do. The thing about most Earphones is that your taste in audio is individual.
I give you an example: A friend of mine which is no audiofile and doesn't play any instrument or sth like that was listening to music with my SE 535 once. He told me, they're alright. He added that he was more convinced of his DNA Monsters and due to the difference in price he wouldn't even consider buying the SE 535. He doesn't see any benefit of the SE 535. So why is that? He doesn't care if he has In-ear, on ear or over ear phones. He's no audiophile so he doesn't know that the DNA Overears have a boost in bass and treble. Since many ppl only care about Bass and Treble (mostly Bass) they do not know a well defined sound!
The DNA were alright (especially for the price) but the SE 535 offer a triple drive in ear which isolates the sound way better than the overear ones (if you pick the right earfitting?) The highs were just incredible i heard some frequencies that i never heard before while listening and distinguish different instruments from each way better than i used to with other IEM.
So i hope the Nuforce can hold up to my expectations. I will definitely give em a shot (unless i'll find the SE 535 somewhere a lot cheaper than RRP)
I hope this can give you a slight insight of what you have to expect!
I don't know if you were lazy or just wanted extra help but in regards to the UE's just read the reviews (for example on amazon or read the discussion on the drop (maybe use the search tool type in built quality)
Happy to help!
Mar 13, 2018
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