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Jun 18, 2018
Comfortable fit and great build quality. Exceptional details and imaging.
Compared to the EDC, the EDC3 shines in almost every aspects except for one small but important issue. The EDC3 needs to be paired with a decent source. Playing straight from my small EDC laptop (HP Envy 13 X360) the sound is harsh and shallow, with sibilance on the high ends and no bass. The sound comes alive with a DAC/AMP, I was able to get pretty good sound with the dragonfly 1.2 I have lying around in my laptop bag. It sounds even better on my SDAC / O2 Amp (home desk) and the SMSL M6 (work desk)
With a decent DAC and AMP this IEM can really shines, with deep lelaxing bass and detailed highs. But this is an issue because the IEM is marketed as an EDC I expect it to work optimally without any additional amp'ing.
The EDC works just fine on lower quality source and that makes me have to choose which one to pick for the day.
Jun 18, 2018
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