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Aug 2, 2018
Pure mush. This was a major disappointment. Laconic. Fatiguing. The bass lacks rebound dynamics. The highs have zero sizzle. Across all frequencies, the transients have no pop. As I said - mush.
It isn't significantly better than the EKGs that came with my Samsung Note 8.
Blah blah, neutral signature, blah blah. I LIKE neutral signatures. For most devices, I'll often re-tune eq to get as flat a signal as possible. The issue is _not_ the "neutral" signature.
The Fiio F9 Pro is a much better product (though still a little lacking). I guess they use a better brand of armature. The dynamic drive for the bass also makes a difference in the feel. At $20 more, I'd jump on that if you are on the fence between the two.
FYI: Listening environment = Surface Pro 4 + Tidal + Chord Mojo --> EDC3
Aug 2, 2018
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