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Aug 9, 2018
There's been many reviews that found EDC3 great value for money. I can only add observations when comparing them to Ultimete Ears UE 900 and NuFore Primo 8. Both used to cost around 500 euro/dollars but have dropped to being only sightly more expensive than the EDC3.
The Primo 8 is also from NuForce, but to me EDC3 is superior by far. Primo8 only looks nicer and has better accessories, but EDC3 is voiced so much better - it lacks that upper-mids / low treble bump that makes Primo8 borderline unuseable (well, I actually do use Primo8 in my home office but with Equalizer APO to cut 6dB around 1 kHz).
EDC3 vs. UE900 is more interesting. I love both, and differences are small. Upper mids seems to voiced a bit differently making EDC3 a bit harder sounding but same voicing also makes e.g. female voices and acustic guitar a bit clearer. UE900 has more revealing top end while EDC3 is perhaps a bit more relaxed. All these are very small differences - I had to go back and forth many times to hear differences. Both have good bass that goes deep, even though to me IEM never have that warm-but-solid bass that good over-ears give. Comfort-wise I like EDC3 better - with SpinFit tips I literally forget they are in my ears.
My only tiny complaint with EDC3 is that the silicone tips seems to lose grip and become sloppy after just 10-20 hours of use, so I had to push them back in all the time. So I switched to SpinFits which work fine to me.
All in all great sound and great value.
Aug 9, 2018
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