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Aug 27, 2018
I wonder about the choice of the two pin interface used for phone to cable interconnect, if it's good for users and what was the reasoning for the interconnect choice.. MMCX connector's are also commonly used in this sort of application, like in the recent comparable products by Etymotic and Westone which are of an electrically self-shielding design. That is; the negative return line of the interconnect also acts to shield the signal pin conductor in a coaxial design. Does the two pin connector housing electronically shield the positive pin? And if not, i guess interference isn't considered an issue at these power levels, or any sort of electronic interference attack on the positive pins of an EDC3 user is unlikely? Or that the lines to the headphone wouldn't possibly interfere with any other nearby and more sensitive equipment? Does anyone know why the choice was made for a 2 pin instead of the MMCX interconnect, is it because most MMCX interconnects are set for 50ohms applications, or whats the deal? I see lots of comparisons to the Etymotic product with the Massdrop x Nuforce EDC-3 product page, do you feel then that the two pin interface is superior? Thanks for taking the time to see to my concern regarding the interesting product here =) I would really enjoy reading any explanation for the Massdrop xNuForce choice fr the two pin interconnect for use in the EDC3 over the more standard BA-IEM MMCX interconnect. Cheers and congratulations on developing and putting to market a new product.
Aug 27, 2018
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