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Sep 3, 2018
Great buy This my first IEM and my first BA so I won't comment on which is the best for which reason. I find them comfortable and safe fit that you forget easily. They require 30-40 hours of use to deliver their potential. Once done, for sure the bass are "neutral", but they are very smooth and precise and can be slightly boosted with a proper equalizer to your taste. My sources are LG G6 quad dac + Cowon j9 with mp3 320 or FLAC. I listen classical as well as jazz, rock and RnB. So far I noticed and like the clearness of the sound provided on voices and most instruments which made me discover some hidden nuances in some of my favorite. They are also incredibly dynamic making some guitar pieces or the likes very enjoyables. The spacial is the best I experienced so far. I would recommend these to people looking for versatile in ears and being budget minded. Very good price pleasure ratio.
Sep 3, 2018
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