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Sep 6, 2018
This is my first foray into balanced armature driven iems and for the most part I am not disappointed. They are very flat sounding so be prepared for that. I'll start with what I do like about them. Pros: Many accessories and a nice carrying pouch. Good looking especially in ear Stays in place with minimal cable noise Excellent at passive noise isolation Very revealing of both the source and the songs in question Flat natural smooth sound Mostly comfortable Iems feel well built and like they could stand up to some abuse Their positional audio in games such as csgo or songs like Hotel California is nothing short of breathtaking Cons: My left ear has a problem where after a few minutes the back part of my inner ear where the rear end of the bud sits starts hurting and becomes distracting to where I have to take out the bud for a bit. The hifi cable feels like it could be easily broken with the other one feeling slightly better but still thin I wish the iem was a little more warm sounding as I like sennheiser's house sound and these sound a little cold and lifeless. (they do respond well to eq) In fairness they do sound accurate after getting used to it They sound a little flat on phone jacks even though they are only 16 ohms Subbass is lacking but is very smooth on songs that have already overly boosted bass. Trebble can be a little ever so slightly harsh for long listening sessions though usually the left ear problem gets to me first.
Overall these are excellent and what I ended up liking them for the most surprised me. I love love love these for gaming. I've never been so aware of exactly where enemies were in csgo by just their noise. My hd 598's and 58x are great but nowhere near this and my clouds pale in comparison. If you can find a way to have them not hurt the back part of the inside of your ear where the bud rests then I can recommend these. Also if you plan to use these for edm you may be disappointed by the lack of subbass but after a burn in period the sound becomes silky smooth. Their great isolation gives me high hopes that on my flight they will do a decent job of blocking out the plane noise though their slight peak in the treble also worries me but it's nothing an eq can't fix. So if these were tuned warmer with slightly more bass (as I'm sure the massdrop plus iems are) and the comfort issue on my left ear were more to my style I'd have no reservations recommending these to anyone. I still will recommend them to 99 percent of people but just know what you're getting into.
EDIT: Since burn in these have smoothed out a lot. Highs are no longer shrill at all and have become very smooth with good extension. Bass notes are not noticeably more present but subbass seems to be a smoother extension of midbass now and it sounds silky. The cable with the mic in it now sounds like it is taking the highs and just cutting them off and the bass response is better on the ofc silver plated braided cable. They sound much better on mobile sources and they sound much smoother on better sources now. Definitely recommend though they seem to have lost some of the isolation since the beginning and the right plug that goes into the bud is neigh impossible to remove a cable from but that's okay because they're still excellent in every other regard. Definitely a solid recommendation from me.
Sep 6, 2018
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