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Sep 21, 2018
So I got them for like 2+ months and have no touched em for over a month. TBH, they don’t sound right. Comparing to Etymotic ER4SR frequency response, which I now use, you can see that EDM3’s curve is missing that upward peak in 2-3KHz region present on ER4SR’s curve. That gain in that specific region is called open-ear gain, or the amplification effect that human ear has naturally. IEMs need to compensate for that regions, otherwise it doesn‘t sounds natural.
Before I bought this I only used headphones, so when I first got my Hifiman RE400 I also didn’t like because it too didn‘t ’sound right’. At first I thought it was because of the high frequency roll-off, so I again sought after an IEM with flat FR like RE400’s, and then I found EDC3 which again disappointed me and that led me to Etymotic ER4SR, the best $340 ever spent in my life for audio.
Sep 21, 2018
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