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Sep 23, 2018
Underwhelming the first days, extremely good after one month!
When I got the edc3 the first days I was not totally happy with the sound quality. Bass was lacking a bit and the midrange was quite agressive. Thin and edgy.
The ba armature bass sounds different from a dynamic driver. It’s more lean and precise, but lacks the impact and rumble. Take this with the neutral approach of the edc3, it can be quite shocking if you come from a dynamic iem.
One thing I learned in 7 years in this hobby, when I buy new gears, is: Take your time, don’t rush with judgement. This means at least 150 hours burn-in and 1 month of usage. Things can change a lot.
After 2 months if usage I can say the edc3 is more fuller sounding with no edge in the upper mids or treble. Their strongest point is the black background and no grainy sounds you get from this ba setup. They sounds very clear in the midrange, with a good separation. Soundstage is a bit on the small side, treble is very detailed but also smooth and laidback. This is fine, many dynamic iem sounds too forward in the treble and too V-Shape. Edc3 is really neutral-smooth iem.
I have no problem to listen all kind of music with this edc3.
Edc3 are resolving, clear, and smooth.
Really recommended for a mature listening.
If you are a basshead, or you like V-shape signature. Probably the edc3 is not for you. Also soundstages fanatics will not like the edc3.
Sep 23, 2018
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