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Oct 6, 2018
Before I start this, let me say I’m not what people call an audiophile. I’m just a dude who loves music. I owned the RHA MA750 for about 1,5 years, which I loved. However I went through three pairs in that time because the cable always broke in the same place. it’s not easy finding earphones that are not overemphasized in bass and won’t break the bank. So I opted for the EDC3, for the sake of a removable cable especially. I really like these a lot. The fit (with foam tips) of these is definitely the best I ever had. I cannot confirm the loose connection of cable and earpiece other reviews have described, my pair has a VERY tight one that almost makes it too difficult to switch cables. It has the mids I liked in my RHAs (they are better even, in my opinion). The highs too are well-pronounced, if not as loud as those of the RHAs which makes them less fatiguing to listen to. Since these are consumer friendly headphones, I expected a little more low end, since I felt most earphones had a little bit of an inherent bass bias . This is why I use a Rock equalizer on my iPhone SE and iPod Classic which gives me the sound I want. Which brings me to my favourite albums to listen to with these (all of them MP3):
- the entire TOOL discography - Meshuggah’s “ObZen” - Bent Knee’s “Land Animal” - Elbow’s “Seldom Seen Kid” - several Mastodon albums
progressive Rock and Metal in general, as well as Stoner/Psychedeli/ Sludge I really like to listen to with these. So this is a review from a music lover :) hope it will be of help
Oct 6, 2018
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