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Oct 10, 2018
I've had my EDC3s for less than a month, so only time will tell how they hold up, but so far, I really like them. I wanted a flatter frequency response and was definitely trying to avoid the V or U shaped EQ experience because I'll be checking mixes with these sometimes. They sound pretty even and not fatiguing in the high end, but they're a little shy in the very low frequencies. It isn't that these frequencies aren't present at all - in fact, I can hear the bass just fine in good mixes - but my personal taste is to have a little more. On a modern mix, if I add about 3 dB at around 64 Hz with either a wide band or low shelf, I'm usually happy. Still, I find that just leaving them flat is useful because if the bass has enough presence without the boost, then I know that the low end mix is heading in the right direction.
I'm still playing with the different tips. I like the foam tips that were included, so I ordered some of the Comply comfort tips to see how I liked those. I've used them for a few hours now and they're working great for me.
Oct 10, 2018
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