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Oct 12, 2018
I bought these since my 1more Triple Drivers habitually keep dying thanks to bad cabling. It's frustrating as they're probably the best bang-for-buck earbuds sans perhaps when the Shure X10s were discounted to roughly $90. I bought Nuforce EDCs which were pretty good (albeit consumery sound) and decided to get the EDC3s as I heard they were a bit more tempered by than the 1mores, which are a bit egregious. The Nuforce ED3s have a removable cable (which is great!) but the same mediocre cable fasteners, which were pretty much the death of my EDCs.
As far as soundscape, these are a bit a downgrade from the 1mores. While the bass is more in check, its a little too removed and the area around sibilance frequencies are a little too much. As someone who prefers the Beyerdynamic DT-990s over the HD650s, which tend to be considered near excessively trebly, I think it's worth noting that in particular.
These aren't bad headphones, but I prefer Shure and the 1more entries at the same price point, and the 1mores keep dropping in price, now effectively $20 cheaper. I'd consider the removable cabling worth $20 alone but the plastic chassis of the EDC3s makes me think I'll have the same unfortunate problem of cords detaching frequently making them too unreliable for biking, and finally, the EDC chassis cracking. I just wish there were high-end earbuds designed for people with active lifestyles (I bike to work, go the gym regularly, and on weekends like to get outdoors). I just want tough chassis, detachable cables and great sound and I haven't found anything in really.
Oct 12, 2018
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