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Nov 3, 2018
Liked the regular EDCs much more for music listening, which I gave a five star rating; EDC3 share these five star rating on comfort and design too, but... These are basically the same but for inner drivers. I expected these not to have the typical V signature and be more neutral, but sadly they're beyond neutrality: sound absolutely lifeless, hollow and cold on all sources I tried these on. Left them burning-in for some days, then tested again, and they went straight to the drawer. Relegated them to analytical (mixing or checking EQ) usage, musician monitoring, or silent instrument practice. I honestly wouldn't recommend them to anyone, if you're after neutral sounding, ultra-resolving IEMs for classical which is the only suitable usage I foresee, there are more enjoyable ones for the price. If you're after just enjoying music, regular EDCs FTW: while being pretty forgiving on sources, they shine with a good match: Impressive performance with iPhone Xs and Apple DAC/amp cable adapter! Instrument practice: Yamaha EPH-100 beats them for the same price and are sturdier though less comfortable. Depending on instrument, regular EDCs will fit the bill nicely. Edit: EDC3 sounds horrible out of a Vox AmPlug instrument headphone amp, unbearable hiss. Gym/Workout: Stay away from BA drivers, they don't mix with humidity. Again EDC (dynamic drivers) wins.
Nov 3, 2018
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