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Nov 7, 2018
Technically these are wonderful. I have auditioned vsonic gr07 and fiio FH5 and Nuforce sounds better to me, it has the right tonality - vocals sound natural not thin, there is no sobilance even though the highs are not missing at all. Midrange is always crystal clear no matter how complex the track is in bass or treble, which makes them quite neutral. Soundstage is good if its well recorded - these headphones do well at layering the sounds in closer and further plans. The only drawback to me is that they miss just a few (like 2) decibels in the midbass, which takes away some punch (do note that the rumble is still there, low bass performance is good), when I EQed them with a 2 db boost around 100-150 hz these improved from very neutral to neutral but more engaging. To me this is the best IEM in the sub 100USD market, competing with headphones even twice their price.
Nov 7, 2018
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