Massdrop x Oblotzky SA Oblivion Custom Keycap Set
Massdrop x Oblotzky SA Oblivion Custom Keycap Set
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Based on the color scheme of the same name used by many programmers, the SA Oblivion custom keycap set will hold a soft spot in the hearts of coders and those who appreciate a unique colorway. Styled in light gray with slightly beige legends, the alphas are understated and sleek Read More
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Based on the color scheme of the same name used by many programmers, the SA Oblivion custom keycap set will hold a soft spot in the hearts of coders and those who appreciate a unique colorway. Styled in light gray with slightly beige legends, the alphas are understated and sleek. That’s why they pair so well with the modifiers, which don a darker gray with a variety of accent colors for the legends—from green and blue to orange, red, and purple.

Questions about how to outfit your keyboard? Check out this great post by Livingspeedbump.

Questions for the designer Oblotzky about the process? Join us in discussion.

Note: To avoid confusion with the current checkout system, we will be changing the drop points manually for this drop. We are paying attention to the number of child kits being bought as well. If they reach certain quantities, we will adjust their prices accordingly. You may notice fluctuations in your checkout price as we make these adjustments on the back end, but you will not be charged more for anything.

To see the current number of kits sold and current drop points, you can check below. (Updated 9/21)

Doubleshot ABS Keycaps in SA Profile

Made with ABS plastic with a semi-matte finish, the keycaps are doubleshot injected, meaning they’re crafted so that the legends won’t fade over time. They’re also sculpted in SA profile, one of the most popular in the Signature Plastics lineup. As far as compatibility, they’ll fit on Cherry MX stems and related clones.

Oblivion Alphas - $42.99

This set of Alphas features the main colorway of Oblivion: A light gray that stands in contrast to the surrounding modifiers, topped off with beige legends.

Hagoromo Alphas - $42.99

Named after the legendary Japanese chalk maker, this set of Alphas features an alternative colorway to offer more contrast.

Oblivion Modifiers - $47.99

The primary modifiers offered, this kit takes its colors from the Oblivion code coloring scheme, with an added touch of a deep orange and red to spice things up. This, as well as the two kits hereafter, will cover the modifier keys of most mechanical keyboards that use a 6.25 unit spacebar. Together with a set of alphas, this is all you need to fill a 60% or TKL keyboard.

Git Modifiers - $47.99

Familiar for most programmers, this kit features key terms and a Git logo that was graciously allowed by the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Monochrome Modifiers - $59.99

This kit offers a colorless version of the modifiers for a more classic look, plus a couple extra accent colors.

Oblivion - $30.99 / Hagoromo Numpad - $35.99

If you crunch a lot of numbers or need to do your annual taxes, you can't miss out on these numpad kits.

Oblivion - $42.99, Git - $42.99 & Monochrome Extension - $52.99

Also known as “Tsangan & Whitefox” or “Non-Standard Adapter,” these extension kits will let you build a variety of special keyboard layouts, which usually depends on the regular modifier kit.

Minila - $47.99

This kit is designed to cover Filco's Minila keyboard. An extension kit is not required, just any of the regular modifier kits.

Assembly - $25.99

This set of keys is for orthogonal keyboards such as the Preonic or Planck.

40bit - $59.99

40% keyboards such as the MiniVan, JD40, JD45, Minorca, Sebright, AMJ40 and Golbat are covered by this kit.

ErgoDox - $69.99

This kit is for the use on the popular ErgoDox keyboard.

Oblivion Colevrak - $42.99 / Hagoromo Colevrak - $42.99

As SA Oblivion has a sculpted row profile, simply rearranging the existing keys to achieve either the Colemak or the Dvorak layout will not work. This kit supports both of those.

Oblivion and Git UK - $42.99 / Monochrome UK - $42.99

These two kits let you fill your keyboard with the necessary legends to cover British ISO keyboards.

Oblivion NorDe - $29.99 / Hagoromo NorDe - $29.99

Expanding on the previous two UK kits, these additional two sets of keys allow you to create Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and German layouts.

Alternate Function Colors - $12.99

This kit is for those that prefer a single color on the function row.

tenkeyless.asm - $28.99

This kit brings the assembly legends to tenkeyless boards. It can also be used on 65% and 75% layouts to cover extra column keys.

macros.asm - $29.99

This kit is for those with macros on their keyboards, like on the VE.A or the RAMA M10-A.

Arrows - $9.99

Arrow keys in the Oblivion colorway.

GD & WFK Spacekeys - $29.99

Split keyboards such as the VE.A require a couple short blank keys as spacebars. You should be able to find what you seek here.

GQM Spacebars & -Keys - $19.99

Grab this kit if you prefer a different spacebar color.

Oblivion OSX - $24.99 / Monochrome OSX - $32.99

This kit is for anyone who works with the Mac operating system.

Communities - $15.99

To celebrate the joint effort of bringing this set to life, these keys are dedicated to all fellow clackers.

Oblivion LED - $39.99

To achieve a truly old school–looking keyboard, you'll need this kit. It features legends that are not doubleshot, but pad printed on top.

  • Designed by Oblotzky
  • Produced by Signature Plastics
  • ABS doubleshot plastic
  • SA profile
  • Cherry MX compatible

All orders will be shipped by Drop.

Estimated ship date is June 19, 2018 PT.

After this product run ends, payment will be collected and orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final. Check the discussion for updates on your order.

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