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Jul 9, 2018
Just to get it out of the way, I am a beginner in the audiophile world as of the posting of this review. I went through a few different IEMs, and I ordered the HE4XX in the May 2018 Drop. Well, about a week before those were due to ship, these shipped from their last drop and I jumped on a pair of the extras that were available (for QC issues, presumably) while still waiting for the HD6XX drop to finish. This was my first pair of Sennheiser over ears.
What I know: They're part of the HD6## line, and an homage to the primogenitor of that series, the HD580 and HD580 Jubilee.
This is my updated review of the HD58X Jubilee...
So, I spent more than a few days with them. Actually, quite a bit more. I put them up against things double their price, hooked up to well, an entry level signal chain. The result? They did not disappoint. Ever.
The 58X's are quite possible the best value for money in headphones right now. They sound fantastic hooked up to just about anything. I hooked them up to a Pixel, a Fiio Q1 Mark II, a Shanling M0, an Aune X1s, an SMSL M6, an O2+SDAC, though an Aune X7s being fed by the SDAC, and even directly into my crappy work PC... I never wasn't fully engrossed by the music. I've literally fallen asleep in these cans more times than I can count. Why?
Because they not only sound great, but they're comfortable as all get out. Literally. Spent multiple hours in these headphones. Having had the chance to listen to a pair of HD660's in single ended mode, and after putting the felt mod on my pair, it was a close call to my ears. These sound as resolving, or perhaps a tiny bit less. I don't know for sure. If I'm honest, I didn't expect to get the chance so I had my Mark III's at the time. Doesn't matter, I spent enough time in them that, playing the same songs from the same source, the HD 58X modded, sounds remarkably similar to the 660's.
To my ears, they're more resolving, more comfortable, and just as fast as the HE 4XX. They're missing a little something compared to the T50RP Mk III's, but I'd say still a better package given the Mark III's bone stock performance. Honestly, I've been really feeling the T60RP's recently. I wear either my T50's or my T60's daily. The HD 58X is the other headphone I reach for almost daily, especially when I need a really airy open back.
SHP-9500-Who? Sure, $100 SRP vs $150 SRP, but uh... Have you found many SHP's for <$100? I haven't. Honestly, the HD 58X Jubilee makes more sense as an all-rounder than the SHP's right now. I can't recommend them highly enough.
The elephant in the room, the 6XX? Well, similar to many people's impressions of the 660's, the 6XX do seem to be more resolving. That is, detail retrieval seems clearer? The 6XX for sure has a much more thicc midrange. The vocals are noticeably more up front than the 58X. The bass in the 6XX hits, like actually smacks your skull harder, but the 58X might sound more detailed? The bass on the 58X definitely extends lower... The highs are sparkly and airy. I did the felt mod on mine, and compared it with my sister's stock ones. Both she and I noticed less energy in the highs, maybe slightly less detailed, but easier to listen to for longer. The result is that I find myself reaching for this cheaper, less resolving pair of headphones more often than my HD 6XX's. I actually find the way the HD 58X presents the music and the finer details to me, to be less distracting than the 6XX's.
I regularly bring my pair to work with me, and they've had no build issues. In fact, the only issue I've noticed was that I've worn mine in so much, that my pads are already flattening out. Jeesh! I've only had them a few months at this point!
Bottom Line: The HD58X Jubilee is FANTASTIC value for money. In fact, I can't think of a better headphone to spend $150 on without any mods. The sound is on par with headphones costing $200+, the cans are super easy to repair/take apart, and they hold up pretty well to some pretty abusive tendencies. Do you wanna taste how amazing headphones can be? Buy these. Do you have a friend who needs a starter pair, or even a beater pair? Buy these. Honestly, aside from people who just don't like the Sennheiser sound, anyone could enjoy these and they are absolutely worth your money.
Jul 9, 2018
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