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Sep 18, 2020
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Good value for a fun open-back
I use these a lot for gaming and music listening, and they excel at producing a wide soundstage with a comfy and fun sound signature. Since I also have the HD 6xx, to compare the two: the 6xx has a noticeably 'flatter' sound, with the bass being present but not overpowering, along with the mids, while the highs are a bit more pronounced. Meanwhile the 58x is more geared towards giving a fuller and deeper bass experience (which does wonders for in-game explosions), and the mids are also more present and fuller sounding, while the highs have a tamed sound. The soundstage for the 58x sounds wider to me than the 6xx, but this follows that the 6xx is better for more accurate renderings of sound samples. This also means, however, that the 58x are better, imo, for positional audio in games and the like, since there appears to be more 'travel' room for sounds to traverse and move. For everyday usage, I prefer the 58x, while the 6xx are useful if you're looking for a more accurate and balanced sound that's truer to flat mixing.
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