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Jan 20, 2018
Okay I have mostly stuck to closed back headphones in the past. Mostly because of public transport and wanting to not hear much else. So with income tax coming along soon, I am hoping to get into a good set of open backs. I am considering the K7xx, these here and the 6xx. As I am not expecting a whole lot otherwise I would get all 3, I need to choose. I would appreciate am little help from the community. What I have now are the AKG Y50BT and Logitech G430 the blue ones with the adapter. As far as sources I have a Samsung S8, G4 phone, Alcatel Tablet, and the Pioneer SC85 9.2 Home theater unit. Oh and an asus tablet pc. Big pc is not working now. Would be used to listen to music of many types and videos, possibly games too. I also wanted to know if the pioneer, which has a 3/4 jack would be enough to amp any nice headphones when I can't really use the full set up. With all that please provide some suggestions. Thanks.
Jan 20, 2018
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