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Jun 29, 2018
Got my Jubilees yesterday and after an entire day of listening to them these are my new favourite headphones, I love the sound and the bass tight and plentiful for my tastes (mostly dubstep, RnB, acoustic). The sound is just so crisp and I'm hearing lots of detail I've previously missed.
I'm not an audiophile, just some guy that loves listening to music 14 hours a day. I normally swop between House of Marley Exodus Harvest, Sony MDR 100 ABN, Beats Studio 2.0 and a few in ear's including Denon, Sennheisers.
I've had no problem driving them with my Samsung note 8 and Macbook Pro 13" & 15", again it's subjective but I've found mine to be plentifully loud.
Well done Massdrop & Sennheiser for making this happen. My best headphone purchase so far.
Jun 29, 2018
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