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Jun 29, 2018
These things sound amazing! especially for only $150. I don't have an HD600 or 650 to compare them too... but they sound a lot like my 598SE in the mid and high end but with a MUCH better sounding bass. The highs may be a touch less harsh than the 598... but I have to really focus to hear a difference.
The only thing I'm a little disappointed on is the build quality. The headphones are pretty stiff... and made with a cheap feeling plastic build. The foam on the headband is covered in a thin nylon cover.. no leatherette, velour, felt, nothing substantial... pretty much just some standard black foam up there. I can definitely see that breaking down first. These headphones are also not quite as comfortable as my 598... there's a bit more clamping force and the pads are pretty stiff. Definitely not soft like my 598. Don't get me wrong, these are NOT uncomfortable... I can listen to these for hours... but it seems like they sacrificed a little comfort and build quality in favor of making these things sound amazing... which I'm perfectly fine with to be honest. Who knows, maybe with time they will break-in a little and not be so stiff.
For $150 you can't go wrong... they sound absolutely fantastic... and they definitely accomplished their goal of having a versatile headphone capable of being played on anything. I was able to play it on my iPhone and over a DAC and amp no problem. Both sound great!
Jun 29, 2018
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