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Jun 30, 2018
Fantastic performance for the price. I've owned a pair of HD650's for many years and these compare very favorably. The materials feel a bit cheaper but fit and finish is still excellent and everything feels solid. Cable is a little short (maybe about a meter long) and terminates in a 3.5mm jack with a 1/4in adapter but it's serviceable and aftermarket cables are easy to come by these days. The aftermarket cables I already had for my HD650 work just fine.
Sound signature compared to the HD650 is livelier on the top end and has a thumpier bass presence, mids feel a bit repressed in comparison. Think an HD650 with a gentle V EQ applied. Still easy on the ears and non-fatiguing. Very enjoyable to listen to. It's an HD650 after it's had a couple beers and opened it's collar; but still very much in line with the Sennheiser "house" sound.
I've only used them on one fairly powerful tube amp (Bottlehead S.E.X.) so I can't speak to how they scale on lower end gear but I'm sure any modestly capable headphone amp should drive these no problem. They didn't sound good at all directly out of my phone (muddy, flat, and quiet) but ymmv.
The drivers seem fairly heavily damped, It'll be interesting to play around with that in the future. I could see these having some interesting modding potential. First experiment will probably be to remove all the foam and see how they sound.
Overall a serious contender at $150. Even at $200-$250 it would be a good deal as a more "fun" alternative to the 600/650.
Jun 30, 2018
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