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Jul 2, 2018
These aren't quite broken in yet, and I hear them opening up a bit as I listen, but I am moderately disappointed in these. I had a pair of HD580s that broke some years back, and was excited to get a pair of these to replace them. They get about half way there. These aren't nearly as warm as the old 580s, and are more uncomfortable to wear: high clamping force and padding is harder. The big disappointment for me are the mids: they are pretty damn uninspiring and hollow sounding (I swear I hear a hump in the upper mids). I understand wanting to eliminate harshness, but the treble sounds rolled-off. I do not find them to be bass-heavy. I find the bass to be accurate but lacking focus. Muddy at times. Finally, despite being lower impedance, it seems an amp is still required to bring out any punch and space between the instruments.
Overall, these sound like accurate cans, but the sound is not engaging (to me). Maybe my ears are getting old and grouchy.
Jul 2, 2018
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