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Jul 3, 2018
Just received my hd58x this afternoon. Serial #489.
First impressions are pretty poor to be honest. The headphones are solid but the surface finishes are rougher and a bit inconsistent. My hd600s are an obvious step up in quality.
Moving onto sound I am also disappointed. My daily driver headphones are a pair of hd 600s with HD 650 drivers and ear cups. I love them for the adequate bass, clarity, and complete lack of sibilance. While the hd58x is obviously in the same family it falls short pretty much across the board.
Bass is a bit much, mids are fine, but the highs are very noticeably veiled while also being pretty harshly sibilant.
I noticed that there is a foam layer behind the grill on these that is lacking on the older hd600 and 650 and also the early press images of the hd58x. I wonder if this is the change sennheiser made to increase the bass as requested by massdrop.
Anyway, despite my disappointment on first impressions they are still a fantastic option when it comes to value. I think they will make a fine replacement for gaming and general computer use to my HD558 and perhaps I will come to love these just as much as my hd600\650.
Jul 3, 2018
Jul 5, 2018
Having the HD650's for a few years myself, I find your description of these headphones to be almost spot on to my ears as well. I purchased these with the intent to use for general computer usage, and while traveling (in foreign offices, hotels, etc), and for those usages I believe they will be more than adequate, particularly for the price.
However for music, I am disappointed with the tuning, as I find vocals pushed more to the background behind the music. This seems backwards from the typical Sennheiser sound I'm so fond of.
Jul 5, 2018
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