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Jul 4, 2018
Hoooeee! Loved these right out of the box. The soundstage is huge and airy. Vocals are dreamily accurate and breathy. The highs are crisp/tight (guitar, mandolin, etc. are gorgeous), and while not bass-heavy/punchy, the low end is satisfying enough for me. But that soundstage - wow. I'm dating myself but these are wearable Magnepan Tympani's.
I'm a fan of mid-fi gear that packs awesome sound at a non-Absolute Sound price. I'm coming from older Denon D2000, and more recently Massdrop/Fostex X00 mahogany, closed back cans. I was pleasantly surprised at how subtle the sound is on the outside; I think these would be reasonable cans in most work environments.
So far the only source has been an Onkyo DP-X1A with either Spotify high-quality downloads, or FLAC 44.1kHz files, and the power seems adequate (rather comparable listening levels to the X00's). I added the Dekoni memory foam pads and no regrets there either. The Sennheisers do clamp the cranium a bit but the Dekoni's are incrementally better than the stock pads in that regard.
Early days but have tried: Lindsay Buckingham, Greta Van Fleet, Buckethead, Adele, Band of Horses, Cat Power, Dinosaur Jr., Eddie Vedder... I'm very pleased. Daddy likely.
Jul 4, 2018
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