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Jul 4, 2018
It's been long time that i didn't bought an headphone brand new things i'm a headphone collector my self but i should put a review things i know well in headphone and that this headphone decern some honor.
I had most vintage high end series sennheiser as well as HD600/HD650 for the most in common with the HD 58X.
I would said that i was really surprise for the sounds quality for the price.
I prefer to listen to it than my HD600 or HD650 things i'm more into "fun headphone", the HD 58X is a perfect all rounder for a dirty cheap price.
The only complain is the built quality of the plastics/paints which is more cheap than the HD600 or HD650 version as well as the earpad and headband who are not the same quality from HD600 or HD650.
Outside that he's really easy to drive and sound good on mostly anythings even on a simple source like a smartphone (if you don't mind to had some flat response).
With a good amplifier this headphone compet with high end headphone like fostex TH X00 or Grado PS500/1000, it's different sound signature for sure but that he follow the same path as HD600/650 bring to him a sounds signature that is really pleasant to listen and most of all "a all rounder".
I like my grado PS500/1000 for had more feeling/live of the music specially on rock or jazz, fostex th X00 is good for edm music or anything electronica but can sounds really harsh and fatiguing to the earing, the HD600 is pretty relaxing and really linear sounding but can sounds too flat to some people, HD650 at opposite side sounds too dark even if it's super smooth and had bass.
But the HD58X success to combine the two worlds of relaxing, fun and articulate, it's not as precise as a high end headphone of 10 time it's price but it's does a great job as all rounder or people who don't want to switch between different headphone.
If i should place the HD58X i would place it between the HD600 and HD650, it's the middle of both world for me.
I really recommands this headphone only for the price because it's super hard to had such good all rounder for such low price.
The 1more triple driver should be one of their rivals in the case of price as well of the philips fidelio X2, but things it's had the HD600 series comforts, i perfer far more better the HD 58X.
It's sound the best with a tube amplifier like most HD600 series but after it's to the taste of owner, i always prefer a more relaxing living sounnds than something analytical.
If people had any question about it they can reply it i will try to answer it.
Overall a pretty good success to be able to bring such headphone at such price, great job.
Jul 4, 2018
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