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Jul 6, 2018
Hi there!
I will start with the only negative thing I have to say: I had to pay 45€ for custom taxes (I'm in Spain), but thankfully I like them so much that I don't care. From my LG V30 with Tidal the sound quality, clarity and dynamics are really great. The phone has enough power to drive them happily. At this moment I have also HD600 and 58x is only 10-20% easier to drive. That's great because LG V30 becomes a great companion and I truly can forget other DAP's for a long time. Now I have more than enough for IEM's and at home with H58X.
Now (extremely) subjective comparisons from first impressions after a couple of hours. In the past few years I had HD650, HD600, HD700, Fidelio X2, AKG K7XX and for a few months HD 660S. From these my favourite are my current HD600. I like the traditional balance for all kinds of music.
HD 650 were great but I always felt they were great for some kinds of music and almost wrong for others. I had a love-hate relation with them but I would put them in second position in my humble hall of fame. HD 700 were like a nightmare for me. The treble was so piercing I could not bear them. Just after HD700 I tried last christmas the HD660S and I never loved them. The legendary veil vanished, bass was great, it was very dynamic, very fun to listen... but again treble problems for me. They were fatiguing after short listening sessions. Actually returned to the HD600 and I was very happy to stay with that traditional equilibrium.
But HD58x was announced and I decided again to try, a blind bet but with a very attractive price so I went for it. And WOW, immediatly these become my favourite headphones. I know some people won't agree with this but I think HD58x are far better than HD660S. I hear same kind of dynamics, clarity, "definition", great bass, and treble is absolutly under control. For me it's the equilibrium I was searching but in a new level. The price/performance ratio you get is really special.
Congratulations to Sennheiser and Massdrop for the HD 58X.
Jul 6, 2018
Jul 7, 2018
I'm comparing them to the 6xx but I think the 6xx has more detail. The 58x bass is just so addicting for hiphop and rock.
Jul 7, 2018
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