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Jul 6, 2018
Forwarded them to Ukraine, yeah at last i own them! As for me in comparison to HD515 which i own for 9 years or so, the HD58x have more narrow and not that bright mid range, it sounds weaker i'd say, but the bass is boosted significantly, so as for me for jazz or classic i'll choose HD515 but for some electronic probably HD58x, aslo HD58x sound bit annoying maybe it's first impression and i need to use them few more weeks. One or two more issues that the cable is bit short , but the good point it's detachable so i can order something or make my own. Regarding pressure on head: manual states 2.5N and for HD515 - 3.5N but my 515 much much softer i can use them for hours without any discomfort, but 58X feels like a vice which is clamping my head, maybe sometime later the spring force of metal become weaker and comfort will appear but not now. Regarding foam which cover driver, hope it won't degrade because it'll be fail of failures, powdery sticky mass, like has happened with cushions on 515, so i have had to fix them.
Jul 6, 2018
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