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Jul 6, 2018
Alright folks, so here's my review.
Something about myself: You're everyday normal guy, 30, with a classical background (played in the orchestra, bass, the big one, the REAL one ;)). I listen to all kinds of music, classical, EDM, rock, punk, all you can think of.
So, about the headphones. Granted, I own a FioO X3 2nd gen (300$), and some Shure SE535 (330 something) with custom made cables (199$) and some Bose QC35 (first gen) (350$). Not bragging, just telling you the prices, so you can have some comparison.
Granted, I am BY NO MEANS an audiophile (if that even is a thing - or just money-making ;)). I just like to listen to music and lose myself in the detail of it.
How do these cans sound to me (remember, it's a subjective)? Compared with my Bose QC35, they have a vast sound stage, meaning when listening to (especially) classical music, you have the feeling of being placed right into the music. You can point out where the different instruments are placed (basses and celli on the far right, vocals (if any) centered, violins etc in the left.
These cans do NOT pack a punch in the bass-compartment. Not at all. Compared with my Bose, they reproduce the bass, yes, but you feel like the lower the bass gets, the more power it loses. It's really neutral and as said, reproduces the sound AS IS.
Compared with my Shures, you have a more airy and open feeling (ofc, the cans ARE open and they DON'T sit right in your ear. Shure is known for the analytical feel to it, so there is no real difference in bass. It's there, but it's "meh" at best).
What I have noticed is that the cans are centered around the mids. But what I really like is that the highs are somewhat smooth to listen to, even at higher volume (I tend to listen to music at low volumes, to take care of my ears :))
Build quality wise, there is a huge difference between my Bose, the Shures and the Senns. People have complained about the plastic feeling of the cans (you shouldn't have done the glossy thing :( ), and I can understand that. For me, the clamp force is there, but it's not uncomfortable, and my best guess is, that it will wear in over time.
I'll link some music for you, to experience what I have experienced, and to give you a better understanding.
Classical: Peer Gynt Suite by Edward Grieg (listen to the whole thing, or listen to Åse's Death)
EDM: The City by Veorra (really deep bass, that's almost subbass)
Those are the two songs that came to mind for best comparison.
Build quality: 4/5 Sound quality IS SUBJECTIVE, so I won't rate it. Price: 5/5 - it's 150 bucks folks, half the price of the Bose, half the price of the Shures. An absolute killer price tag.
I am really happy with my purchase and will make these cans my go to for classical music!
Cheers :)
Jul 6, 2018
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