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Jul 6, 2018
The HD 58X headphones are a wonderful throwback to a 90s classic I didn't know. While I am not a fan of glossy black anything, it looks okay (if cheap) here, and resists fingerprints. The mesh/grills look fantastic - they didn't cut corners there. Much more important, the sound is not as neutral as first reviewed when the prototypes went to reviewers like Steve Guttenberg. These have a deep bass response. Jazz, classical, acoustic/folk and rock sound incredible on these, while electronic and hip hop pretty much sound the same as they do on my Bose SoundTrue phones. I would rate them higher than reference / go-to headphones like the Sony MDR-7506, the Bose SoundTrue over ear cans, or the Audio Technica ATH‑M50x, but not being a total headphone snob, I don't really know how much better they are. They certainly exceed their $150 price. In terms of fidelity and detail, these are closer to AKG K712s, and I like them a lot better than any Grado model I've tried, so that's setting a high bar in exceeding expectations for the price. The clamp is the tightest I have ever felt on a pair of headphones, but the cushions and pads, while firm, are super comfortable. You can wear these for hours at home or work. A preamp is not needed. A receiver, mini-system or PC/laptop will power these just fine. These are open-back, so they are not recommended for travel or outdoor use. These should live at home, preferably on a headphone stand like they do at my office here.
Jul 6, 2018
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