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Jul 9, 2018
EDIT: Just finished the Speedball upgrade on my Bottlehead Crack. Holy $@?& these cans just went from from above average to another planet. Hyper-detailed, energetic yet slightly warm. Slightly recessed low-mid somewhere but DAMN this is a nice combo. Highly suggested. At $150, it’s very hard to review these fairly - meaning that I simply know of no other headphone in this price range that can come close. We’re stuck comparing to headphones over 2x the price (unless you landed the 6XXs). That said, these are unbelievable for $150. I planned to make these my “portable” cans where I’m not stuck sitting in one spot at a desk. Mostly just for walking around the hous. I love that they are easier to drive at 150Ohms. I ended up buying an Ear studio ES100, a Bluetooth DAC/amp for $100 - which may be a better deal than these headphones. I also picked up 2.5mm balanced cable to get more power from the ES100. The sound is impressive while streaming. I do EQ them a bit to make for a more “fun“ sound. The upper bass and high end is immediately more present than HD650s and is all around more acutely articulate. Not clearer but “sharper.” They can really thump if you want them to - zero muddiness. The soundstage is not quite as wide to my ears. Everything seems to be “tighter” which I assume was the objective. There is still something I like more about the HD650s that I can’t figure out yet. Maybe because I sold them. It’s like these are missing The serene clarity that I loved from the HD650s but again I think This is me noticing the removal of the “veil.” I’m not as wowed as the first time I tried 650s but they are incredibly enjoyable considering the price. Overall, a fantastic headphone that i will use for a long time for fun
Jul 9, 2018
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